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Buy Russian snus from direct supplier wholesale or retail

We offer a large assortment of very strong Russian Snus: Candy Shop, Mad, Iceberg, Red, Kurva, Supreme and many other manufacturers.

Have regular wholesale buyers in England, Austria, Hungary, Latvia and the Netherlands.

Delivery terms

Sending up to 336 pieces in one box.

The cost of sending 240 pieces is about 5000 rubles. Possible to place a trial order up to 2 kg, in this case the cost of shipping is 2400 rubles.

We arrange all parcels as a gift from Russia from a private person to a private person so that there are no problems when receiving.

Depends on the volume up to 28 days, on average 14 days. For example, the delivery time to England is 7-14 days with COVID-19 restrictions.

Payment methods

By card +3% bank commission.

By paysend.com or transferwise.com


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